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Why We Exist

Purpose: To make known the mysteries of the Gospel to a lost and dying world (I Cor. 4:1).

There are multitudes of people in this world who are dying and going to Hell without the knowledge of the Son of God, Jesus. We want to give our lives to reach the souls of those who are perishing.

We believe in and teach from the Bible, Jesus is the answer. There is no other name by which man can be saved. Jesus is life and there is no other. All of the problems of life fade away in the face of Jesus. The Holy Spirit of God is here to help us if we only ask and believe and waver not in unbelief.  We are a group who are a part of the 168 generation who live 24 hrs. a day/seven days a week for nothing but the things of God (Luke 17:10).

Right now there are brothers and sisters all around our world who are giving their lives for the Kingdom of God. What are you doing? At the judgment seat when you are asked what you did with your gifting and talent, what will your answer be (Ezekiel 33:8)? Or, when you are in Heaven and you are discussing with others what they did for Jesus and how they lived for the glory of God or maybe even how they were martyred for the Kingdom of Heaven, what will your story be?

Now is the time for work. We must act while it is still day. The night is swiftly coming upon us... Wake up... Wake up... O, sleeping Christian, wake up from the slumber and let us work. Please, do not let apathy be found among us. Let us remove the box, that we have placed the King of Glory in, and allow the Holy Spirit to work and flow in us and through us and among us, for the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven. To make known the manifold wisdom of God to His enemies through the Church (Eph. 3:9,10,11). And WE are the Church! A building is not the Church, you and I are the Church. Church is not something that I go and do, but rather it is who I am (I Peter 2:9).

According to I John 3:8 Jesus was made manifest to destroy the works of the Devil. As sons of the Living God, it is our duty and job to be like our brother (Acts 10:38) and to go about doing good and delivering and healing those oppressed and sick and destitute and to see the Kingdom of our Lord come upon this earth in the power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost (I Cor 2:4,5).

Luke 14:23 And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.